Monday, January 23, 2012

See what people have said about Deadly Pleasures!

Starting to get some reviews on amazon and it's so exciting! So I thought it would be nice to post them on here so everyone could see what is being said about Deadly Pleasures.

"This is Mary Firmin's debut novel, and I must say I can't wait to read the next one! It had all the elements of a great murder mystery, it kept me guessing till the very end who the real killer was and I loved it!"  Stormi, Lightning Book Promotions

"This is a great read. Mary Firmin has the ability to write a story that retains your interest, and never flags.Her descriptive abilities are first rate. You'll enjoy this book if you are not squeamish."  Dr. Irwin C. Shiell

"I loved this book! Each character was expertly developed and the imagery was vivid. It is a thrilling page turner with twists and turns that ends with a bang! It is hard to believe that this is Mary Firmin's first novel, I will certainly be waiting for her next!"  Dazeldine

"A fast paced, well written narrative. A great tale of duplicity, seduction and horror. Always interesting and captivating, though not for the fainthearted or queasy! A satisfying and informative read leaving the reader as breathless as the survivors."  William Cowper

Such fantastic reviews from everyone! I hope your enjoying Deadly Pleasures as well!

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