Wednesday, January 11, 2012

An interview and great Clarion review!

There a couple of things worth mentioning today, First up I was interviewed on Books, Movies, Reviews. Oh my! I would love for you to check it out!

And the second thing is the most exciting thing I want to tell you about. I received a five star review from  Clarion Reviews!! Here is a small excerpt from the review:

"Firmin writes more like a seasoned storyteller than a debut novelist, making good use of her personal experience as a yacht club member and author of a California society column to create sympathetic nuanced portraits of the wealthy who frequent such clubs while simultaneously poking fun at their eccentricities. All of the characters have good points and foibles, complex back stories, and reasons to keep readers rooting for them. Megan’s charm and pluck, insecurities, money troubles, and battle to stay alcohol-free make her an appealing, well-rounded protagonist. The action in the story comes fast and furious, alternating between sexy and lethal, sometimes straddling both extremes at once. Although the graphic descriptions of bondage torture may make some squirm, these detailed depictions of the seedy side of the bondage lifestyle make the gruesome murders all the more chilling." Jill Allen, Clarion Reviews

So many great reviews are coming in for Deadly Pleasures!


Anonymous said...

Lovely review, Mary. The books sounds very commercial, which I love. Well done1



Anonymous said...

p.s. I too taught for Arthur Murray, and sold Real Estate. Hmmmm.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Mary!