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Sherrie Weston scrambled onto the big brass bed and rolled over onto her back. Naked, but for a red satin garter belt trimmed with lace and equally red mesh stockings, she struck a lewd pose for the fat, sweaty trick ogling her from the foot of the bed.
    This guy loves garter belts, thought Sherrie.
    A sudden sweep of euphoria mellowed her out from the top of her platinum head to the tips of her painted toenails, and she thanked the universe she’d snorted multiple lines of coke before George Fisher arrived, or she’d never be able to carry out her plan. On top of the other drugs in her system, it was enough to fly her to the fucking moon.
    She set down the ground rules. “No games today, George, I had a rough night.” And tonight is going to be worse. Sherrie tried not to think about the session she had planned for later that evening. To distract herself, she fixed George his favorite scotch-no-ice from the bottle on her dresser.
    George took the proffered glass and smiled around the cigarette pinched between his small, nicotine-stained teeth. He moved into the narrow space beside her bed, tugging at his tie. His piggy face oozed perspiration; his eyes glittered, and his fingers, thick as sausages, plucked the cigarette from his pale, wet lips. “That’s okay, babe, I just got time for a quickie.”
    Trying to conceal her disgust, she watched him lean toward the nightstand and stub out the butt in a green ashtray next to a porcelain-framed photograph. Slowly, George lifted the scotch to his lips and studied the picture of Sherrie and her best friend, Allison Graham. Sherrie closed her eyes; dear, sweet Allison had been brutally murdered less than six months ago, her naked body tossed on the beach, like so much garbage. It hurt to think about it. Suddenly, as if he found the image of the two friends offensive, George reached forward and knocked the picture to the floor. Glass and porcelain shattered in a thousand pieces.
    Even through the haze of drugs, Sherrie hated him. Hated him more than anyone she’d ever known, except for—she stopped herself. Tonight would come soon enough. As for George Fisher, she’d always known he was a freak. It just made it so much easier to stick it to him for a change. “Come to bed, babe!” she cooed.
    In a flash, George was out of his shirt and pants and was peeling down his extra-large boxers. The bed dropped six inches when he belly flopped aboard, and with not even a “brace yourself, momma,” he was on top of her, pumping away.
    Pressed deep into the mattress, Sherrie thought about her dead friend, Allison, and remembered her words: “Always lay it on them first, before they get off.” So she gave him a couple of “do it to me, baby’s,” and hit him with the big one. “Georgie?”
    “Yeah, baby,” he growled. “Do it to me.”
    “Georgie-e-e, I want twenty-five thousand dollars.”
    “Give it to me, baby.” His body slammed into her.
    “No, baby, you give it to me—twenty-five grand. Bring it the next time you come.” She smiled at her own pun.
     "I’m cu—”
     “Remember the pink garter belt, George?” She smiled at the picture of him that came to mind.         
    “And the lacy pink bra?” She knew he knew what she meant.
    “Ugh. Oh, God. Aghhhh.” His skin turned the color of beets. Sweat dripped from his face onto her breast. His mouth contorted, sucking air.
    “Do it, Georgie. Oooh, Georgie-e-e.” Sherrie bucked her hips up and down, faster, faster, trying to get it over with. But he wouldn’t or couldn’t climax. He raised himself up and continued to grunt—awful piglike grunts, like he was in pain. Not the usual guttural moans. All of a sudden his body stiffened and went into spasm. One final groan, one heaving shudder, and he collapsed on top of her.That’s more like it. “Okay, George, get off.”
    He was heavy. Sherrie pushed. He wouldn’t budge. She pushed again. Nothing moved. She was pinned down. Deadweight. It was hard to breathe. “Dammit, George, move.”
    That’s when she knew.
   And that’s when she screamed, and screamed, and screamed.

Sunday, August 18, 2013


New post on Laurence O'Bryan - No 1 Best-Selling Conspiracy Thriller Author

Emerging Writers Guest Post #58 – Deadly Pleasures – Mary Firmin
by Laurence O'Bryan

                                                  MARY FIRMIN

I was born in Oldham, Lancashire, and now live in Rancho Mirage, California, a Desert Community they call the Playground of Presidents. My journey has been a long and rocky one, but brimming with life experience. One day, my friend Kathleen and I decided we wanted to go on the Johnny Carson Show. Since we had no other apparent talent we were determined to become writers. We selected a class at UCLA, HOW TO WRITE THE BESTSELLER; perfect for a couple of amateurs, right?

A mere twenty years later, after many many classes, I wrote Deadly Pleasures. The idea came from a story I heard about four men who hired a prostitute to service their appetites. They installed her in a plush apartment, shared the expenses and Voila! At first, I was going to create a murder mystery around this idea, but then I asked myself, why not use four women? It would be certainly be more interesting and forbidden. So here it is!

                                               DEADLY PLEASURES

Disgusted with their cheating men, Megan Riley and her three friends hire a time-share lover. They choose hunky stripper, Michael Harrington, unaware he is a suspect in a series of grisly murders. Enter hot, handsome Detective Matt Donovan--and Megan falls madly in love. Donovan and his partner are investigating the gruesome killings of several young prostitutes the press are calling The Bondage Murders. In her effort to protect her friends, Megan attempts her own investigation.

She ends up in some pretty outrageous situations that cause Matt Donovan to regard her as a suspect, even as he realizes he has feelings for her. During their search for the Bondage Murder, the detectives embark on a wild ride through L.A.'s private sex clubs, lewd bondage parlors, and the fabulous homes and yachts of the wealthy members of the Bayside Yacht Club. Finally, it takes them to the rugged and breathtaking coastline of Catalina Island for the terrifying finale. But who will be the next to die? The intrepid Megan Riley, Real Estate Agent to the rich; Alex Grant who married her tycoon husband for his money; Rachel Feinman, pining in a loveless marriage with her screenwriter husband; or poor, pathetic Kathleen who was recently divorced by smarmy television newsman, Gino Rosario?

But, who is the Bondage Murderer? And who will escape the harrowing ride and the shocking, death defying ending on the high seas?

Mary's blog:

Deadly Pleasures on Amazon:

Deadly Pleasures book trailer 2:


Welcome to the guest post slot Mary. Deadly Pleasures has a great premise. I wish you well with your writing. I hope you finally get that slot on prime time!

This guest post is part of a series where I will be showcasing emerging and established authors on this blog.

You can help by visiting their sites, buying their books, sharing this post on Twitter and Facebook and coming back for the next post. You can also follow this site (click the button above right), to be notified by email on who is next in a few days time.

And if you are a writer and want to be featured send me an email and I will send you the submission guidelines.

And please support this site and the promotion of writers by buying:  The Istanbul Puzzle & The Jerusalem Puzzle and pre-ordering The Manhattan Puzzle.

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Sunday, August 11, 2013


Laurence O’Bryan

This book is a continuation of the Istanbul Puzzle which I absolutely loved and could not put down. The transition is seamless and Mr. O’Bryan’s main character, Sean Ryan, remains a well drafted hero. I love the author’s intense descriptions of all the Holy Places. Unlike Istanbul, I have visited Jerusalem, and I know the atmosphere in this city is unlike any other in the world. Mr. O’Bryan has captured the very essence of this Holy City, where the tangled web of Religious Beliefs literally thickens the air.  When Max Kaiser, archeologist and rival associate of Ryan’s, is found murdered; and Dr. Susan Hunter, who was translating an ancient Manuscript, disappears, Sean goes on the hunt. This long lost Manuscript could change the world as we know it, and he is determined to uncover its mysteries. If you love the rip-roaring thrill of Indiana Jones, and the scientific exploration of ancient cultures, you will love this book. Dan Brown has some serious competition from this brilliant Irish author, Laurence O’Bryan, whose writing is impeccable.  As you read, you find yourself absorbing complicated facts and theories, almost by osmosis, as if you yourself were a seasoned scientist. This is a gift belonging to few writers and I salute you Mr. O’Bryan. I have already ordered my copy of The Manhattan Puzzle, due out in October, and I cannot wait for it to arrive. You who have not read either The Istanbul Puzzle or The Jerusalem Puzzle have some happy hours ahead of you. Both of these books are a must read. And then, there's The Manhattan Puzzle!
Mary Firmin, author Deadly Pleasures.

Amazon Books:
Web Site:

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Deadly Pleasures' Five Star Reviews.

Review of Deadly Pleasures From Kirkus Reviews: "Firmin’s first novel is a first-rate murder mystery." "A swiftly paced tale of lust, seduction, duplicity and horror, Firmin’s debut easily keeps the pages turning."

From Clarion Reviews: "Firmin writes more like a seasoned storyteller than a debut novelist, making good use of her personal experience as a yacht club member and author of a California society column to create sympathetic nuanced portraits of the wealthy who frequent such clubs while simultaneously poking fun at their eccentricities. All of the characters have good points and foibles, complex back stories, and reasons to keep readers rooting for them. Megan’s charm and pluck, insecurities, money troubles, and battle to stay alcohol-free make her an appealing, well-rounded protagonist. The action in the story comes fast and furious, alternating between sexy and lethal, sometimes straddling both extremes at once. Although the graphic descriptions of bondage torture may make some squirm, these detailed depictions of the seedy side of the bondage lifestyle make the gruesome murders all the more chilling." Jill Allen, Clarion Reviews From Blueink

Reviews: "Sex and the City meets James Patterson in this tale of friendship that's peppered with enough thriller action to make Deadly Pleasures a solid guilty pleasure." - Blue Ink Reviews

Friday, July 26, 2013

A Magnificent Blending of History and Fiction!!!

The Luck of the Weissensteiners
(A Three Nation Trilogy)
Christoph Fischer

This is a `Tale of Two Families' living their lives in the era up to and during World War 2. Life is simple but always a struggle--and it is about to grow worse. No one really sees the evil heading their way, in fact most people are in denial as the Plague of Anti-Semitism creeps across Europe like a deadly fog, overtaking country after country, leaving only death and devastation in its wake. The hatred infects everyone, turns friend against friend, family against family, husband against wife. Even entire Governments corrupt and will do anything to save themselves. Mr. Fischer has created a brilliant historical novel that is still too close for comfort and some of us may find difficult to read. The Weissensteiners are a Jewish family of weavers. They are masters of their craft and create exquisite tapestries that hang on the walls of the Nobles' castles and the home of one Countess in particular. Greta is one of two daughters and a son that make up Jonah Weissensteiner's family. When she meets her prince, Wilhelm Winkelemeier, a clerk in the local book store, Greta is swept off her feet and soon becomes pregnant. Eventually they marry, not knowing how this event will radically affect both of their families. Wilhelm is the first to bail out. Encouraged by his mother he takes their first born blond Aryan-looking son to cousins in Berlin, leaving a pregnant and trusting Greta with his family. Wilhelm's family,the Winkelemeiers, are farmers and as the Czechoslovakian government falls to the Nazis they see nothing wrong with expanding their holdings with confiscated Jewish neighbors' land. This all sets the stage for the greed, cruelty, persecution of not only the Jews, but Gypsies, homosexuals, and even the mentally ill. Mr. Fischer includes everyone in his tale of terror about man's inhumanity to man. But the pain and humiliation does not stop after the war. Families and friends are separated and moved around Europe like so much chattel. Even though I knew the characters are not real but drawn in Mr. Fischer's fertile imagination I found myself crying with these people in their misery, and then admiring them for their commitment to life, to their children, their families and friends. I could not stop reading this book, I wanted to know the next move of every character, especially Greta, and I highly recommend it to everyone. As a child I was raised in England. We had lots of air raids and rationing and discomfort but compared to what the European Jews and all the Displaced Persons suffered in those years, we were living in luxury. In my mind, dying once was not enough for those evil men who perpetrated these crimes against the minds, bodies, and souls of an entire race of Jewish men, women and children.
Mary Firmin, author Deadly Pleasures.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Compelling! Intriguing! Mindblowing!

Schreiber's Secret
 Roger Radford

Hi Friends,
I have just finished reading and reviewing Schreiber's Secrets by Roger Radford. I found it Compelling, Intriguing, and Mindblowing. The story begins in WW2 and moves effortlessly to Modern Day London and back.  If you like thrillers that carry an important message this is the one for you.  Mary.

 Roger Radford is a brilliant writer who has given us a front row seat to the atrocities the Nazis committed in World War 2. His vivid and graphic description of the actions of one man in one camp at Theresienstadt, near Prague, is an appalling indictment of man's inhumanity. The actions of SS officer Hans Schreiber are intolerable beyond imagining.
 The prologue, set in Theresienstadt, switches to a horrific murder in London of the mid-nineties. The police are baffled by the mutilation of the body. When it is followed by yet another crime, equally brutal and with many similarities, they think they might have a serial killer on their hands. A young crime reporter, Mark Edwards, takes an interest in the case and begins to delve into the details. Meanwhile, Danielle Green, a magazine journalist, interviews a certain Henry Sonntag, ostensibly one of the inmates of Theresienstadt, who has come forward to tell his story. Mark and the beautiful Danielle's paths cross, and despite their religious and cultural disparities, they begin a romantic relationship. But will their love be enough to survive these differences, and the case that comes to dominate their lives?
 Where this dynamic plot takes you next is beyond praise, and rates it a mystery/thriller of the highest caliber! Mark goes back to Germany, the land of his ancestors, to research the family roots of Hans Schreiber. He seeks to solve the conundrum set by two men, defendant and accuser, fighting it out in London's Central Criminal Court, the Old Bailey. Mark finally uncovers the identity of the serial killer and reveals Hans Schreiber's stunning secret. As he uncovers the truth, we get a snapshot of today's Germany and how the Germans have survived in the aftermath of such a grotesque history.
 When you are finished with this thriller, you may have more questions than answers. But you will see with a clear eye the pack mentality of a people with the same mindset, and no moral compass. You will learn what happens when the world turns its eyes away from atrocities. This unforgettable book works on so many levels that no praise is too high. I would give it ten stars if I could.
 Mary Firmin, author Deadly Pleasures.