Thursday, March 28, 2013

Review of Memoirs from the Asylum

                                             Emotional and terrifying!!!
                                                    A Five Star Rating.
I read Kenneth Weene's intriguing book, Memoirs from the Asylum, at the end of last year. Not only was it a fascinating read, the writing was incredibly good. Mr. Weene's points of view were of both patients and staff in a mental hospital. He displays such insight you feel like you are completely in their minds, which at times is a terrifying place. What an uncomfortable feeling to hear the thoughts of the patients through the conversations playing out in their heads, to see and feel how they act out their frustrations to such thoughts. Very often we hear in the minds of the Doctors and Staff, self-serving snippets, generally found in the ones who hold the power. This book takes you on a journey through the modern day insane asylum and makes you wonder how much progress we have made over the years. It seems like there are no happy endings in the real lives of these patients and we worry about what happens to them in the end.
Thank you, Kenneth Weene, for bringing it to our attention. I
Mary Firmin, author of Deadly Pleasures.

Memoirs from the Asylum is available in Paperback and Kindle. Link below.


Salvatore Buttaci said...

I rate Kenneth Weene's Memoirs from the Asylum first in a shelf-long list of novels I've read that have for their setting a mental institution. Weene is an outstanding author. Anyone who reads this, and his other books, becomes an immediate and enduring Weene fan!

Ken Weene said...

Thanks to both Mary and Sal for their comments. I am really excited that Memoirs From the Asylum is now available in audio format.