Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A Fabulous Read

This is my first choice for my first review. I loved this book, and the good part is that Mr. O'Bryan has also published Jerusalem Puzzle and is planning on writing the Manhattan Puzzle. Just recently, Mr. O'Bryan announce he has just sold the movie rights to Instanbul Puzzle, so we have that to look forward to; presumably the other two books will follow suit. Please ead this book.  Mary

                                                  THE INSTANBUL PUZZLE
                                                       Laurence O'Bryan

Within two pages of the beginning I knew this was a book I would be unable to put down. And I was right! It is literally full of all the subjects I love to read about: exotic places, religious intrigue, secret passages, ancient parchments, romance and murder. Mr. O'Bryan keeps the story moving through every single page until you are breathless. Sean Ryan has not heard from his friend and colleague, Alek Zegliwski, for several days and he is more than a little worried. When he is contacted by the British Consulate in Instanbul, the news is not good. Sean decides to travel to Turkey in search of his friend. Author O'Bryan's descriptions of the Turkish city and its inhabitants are first rate and the plot moves inexorably until the final sentence. Here is a new author who is ready and able to match anyone in storytelling. This book is well written, I could find little or nothing to criticize, in fact I enjoyed every single minute of it. I have purchased Mr. O'Bryan's second book, the Jerusalem Puzzle, and cannot wait to get at it. If it is anything like this one, I will have to reserve a whole day to read it and finish it. Well done, Mr. O'Bryan.
Mary Firmin, Deadly Pleasures.

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