Sunday, August 11, 2013


Laurence O’Bryan

This book is a continuation of the Istanbul Puzzle which I absolutely loved and could not put down. The transition is seamless and Mr. O’Bryan’s main character, Sean Ryan, remains a well drafted hero. I love the author’s intense descriptions of all the Holy Places. Unlike Istanbul, I have visited Jerusalem, and I know the atmosphere in this city is unlike any other in the world. Mr. O’Bryan has captured the very essence of this Holy City, where the tangled web of Religious Beliefs literally thickens the air.  When Max Kaiser, archeologist and rival associate of Ryan’s, is found murdered; and Dr. Susan Hunter, who was translating an ancient Manuscript, disappears, Sean goes on the hunt. This long lost Manuscript could change the world as we know it, and he is determined to uncover its mysteries. If you love the rip-roaring thrill of Indiana Jones, and the scientific exploration of ancient cultures, you will love this book. Dan Brown has some serious competition from this brilliant Irish author, Laurence O’Bryan, whose writing is impeccable.  As you read, you find yourself absorbing complicated facts and theories, almost by osmosis, as if you yourself were a seasoned scientist. This is a gift belonging to few writers and I salute you Mr. O’Bryan. I have already ordered my copy of The Manhattan Puzzle, due out in October, and I cannot wait for it to arrive. You who have not read either The Istanbul Puzzle or The Jerusalem Puzzle have some happy hours ahead of you. Both of these books are a must read. And then, there's The Manhattan Puzzle!
Mary Firmin, author Deadly Pleasures.

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