Monday, July 8, 2013

A Fascinating Read!!

I would  highly recommend this book, especially if you are a Spiritual Seeker.

Pieces of You
By Joyce Elferdink

This is a compelling story and not to be taken lightly. The author has done an incredible job of posing the Eternal Questions about Life, Death, and the Afterlife. The writing is skilled and her manipulation of time quite remarkable. If you are interested in some of the answers to Life’s Big Questions, you will love this book.
Janine and Mark have only just met online, and barely had time to let their budding romance blossom, when Mark is suddenly taken ill. He is suffering from kidney failure and is paralyzed and unable to communicate. This comes as a complete shock to Janine but she is determined to remain loyal and support him in any way she can.
In his coma state, Mark is taken on a Charles Dickens’ Christmas Carol kind of journey. Led by a friendly ghost named Zachri, Mark is taken through his PAST, through all the horrors of the Vietnam War, the deaths of his buddies, and the regrets he harbors even today. He is then taken through Social Horrors of the PRESENT, and eventually shown how his tenuous yet growing feelings for Janine will feature in his FUTURE. The author aims to capture a whole array of truths and I admire her dedication to this task. This is a complex and heartfelt book and will require you to answer many questions about your own Truth. Finally, Mark gets a sweet snapshot of the Afterlife and is asked to decide between Heaven and Janine. What would you do? 

Mary Firmin, Deadly Pleasures.

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