Sunday, July 15, 2012


Stan Law reviewed Deadly Pleasures

 Deadly and most enticing Pleasures July 9, 2012
While I've been struck by her abundant humor, I am a little ill at ease, how Mary Firmin, most evidently a woman, managed to acquire such intimate details of America's deepest abysmal levels of human depravity. If you are excited by murder, mutilations, SM or practically any other sign of human degeneracy, then this book is for you. If you like to look at all of the above with a wink and a tickle, than tickled you will be by Mary's frequent ventures into the realm of sardonic if often explosive bouts of humor. "She was obsessed with her wieght, she survived solely on lettuce and Champagne." Don't you just love that turn of phrase?

Either way, unless you are a vehement prude, you are going to enjoy this escapade. And if you are, don't show your copy to your wife. She'll only steal it to read it herself.

As for ladies who'd venture to read this book, well you are also going to enjoy romance. First timid, shy, then, gradually fulminating into a conflagration... you'd better read it for yourself.

Only please, Mary Firmin, do tell me that you did not do all the research yourself; and if you did, I hope you were wearing a bulletproof vest and a chastity belt. As for the four principal ladies in her novel, well, I am just a bit sorry that I am of an age that I could no longer qualify as their exclusive boytoy. Now that would be a hilarious experience.

Stan I.S. Law, author of One Just Man

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